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Over a year ago we set out on an epic adventure. We quit our jobs, built out a van in the snow and rain and set out to drive from Canada to Chile. Some questioned our motives politely, other called us stupid and would never understand the „WHY!“ In this year we, visited 17 countries, and drove more than 43000km. First along the epic endless highways of Canada and the USA, then through difficult Central America, over mountain-passes nearly 5000m high, along beaches and endless mountain tracks barely drivable. We drove in megacities like New York and Mexico City, and also through barren backcountry without seeing anyone. On some roads we feared so much for our car we nearly cried, but apart from a few minor issues Grenny did an excellent job on getting us from one dream destination to the next. We street-camped in New Yorks Spanish Harlem, protected by the local gangsters, camped on the biggest Saltlake in the world, slept in a parking lot in Las Vegas with view of the Strip and sailed form one lonely Caribbean island to the next on our way to Colombia. We wildcamped for weeks on uncountable beaches, waking up with the sunrise, fishing, kitesurfing, and dancing by the campfire. Our skin turned almost black, our hair blond and our bodies so salty you could see white lines on it. We swam with whales and sharks, seals, Turtles and penguins. We witnessed the magic and wonders of the Galapagos islands. We saw bears, monkeys and sloths hanging out near our van. We made incredible friends we have for life, and had to say so many sad goodbyes as our ways parted again. We spent nights being eaten alive by mosquitos, not knowing where to turn because of the heat. In other nights all our drinking water froze solid. Some days we battled a snowstorm hiking up to 5000m or spent a whole night lying awake just focussing on „breathing“ because of the altitude. We chewed coca while trying to catch our breath hiking through the cordillera blanca for 4 days. The Canadian wilderness swallowed us for two days while we paddled down the restigouche river, alone withe the Eagles overhead and moose families drinking by the water. We spent 5 days deep in the amazon, living with the locals, watching them hunt with spears, blowgun and poisoned arrows. Their simple and eternally wise ways touched us so deeply it changed the way we see the world for ever. We crossed endless boarders, with endless paperwork and endless efforts to improve our Spanish. We spent christmas on a lonely beach cracking coconuts, and new years in Belize with the locals. We surfed waves in Malibu and in Lima, road our bicycles all the way down Manhattan and over the Golden Gate bride. We were without money or a working credit card in El Salvador, had a car crash in Mexico, got stopped in a roadblock by armed men with masks in Guatemala and threatend by a gangmember from Honduras. We nearly collapsed in the heat at the Panamanian boarder because they would not process our documents, we reentered the US from Mexico by accident because a boarder guard forgot to take our Visa out. We laughed and we cried, we fought and we loved. We toasted to every sunset we could and could still not believe we were on this journey. Processing it all, slowly, as our journey comes to an end, we realize that we can never go back. This will always be with us and the time we will need to process all of it seems endless. Thank you for following our journey and supporting us. We loved showing our you some distant parts of the world. Maybe we inspired one or two souls to rethink their position in life, their dreams and passions. Maybe some still remain unfulfilled?! There is no time….GO NOW!

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We adore you for your courage.
We admire your determination.
We love you for this unique inspiration.

You lived your dream and we are deeply grateful that you shared with us this spiritual journey.

May God bless your future life!

your parents

von Arne

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